Describe something you afraid of

  • What is it?

  • What is the reason for your fear

  • How can you overcome this fear


Looking at my personal life I was very Hydrophobic before 5 years ago till from my childhood. I was very afraid from water but now i overcome this fear.

Let me describe, when I was 5 years old, i was playing in my wash area with my friends. The area of my wash was too slippery I don’t know about that and my leg was slept down and I fall down in underground water tank. I was yelling but at that time no one can listen me. Somehow my neighbor listen my voice and they saved me. Due to this incident i was very hydrophobic. I always try to avoiding to go at sea saw and river bank.

But one day my parent guide me that how to overcome from hydrophobic. They suggest me to start the swimming class, but on 1st day i don’t jump to the swimming pool, but my swimming teacher force me to jump in the swimming pool and day by day i over come to my aqua-phobic fear.

Now a days i am not afraid about that and this is the great victory for me my parents.


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